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The best 100 miles on Highway number 1

The travel guide was telling me that I will see the nicest part of my journey from Frisco to LA today. But I already had lots of occasions that proofed the guides wrong. So I was looking forward. The bad thing first: I was up again at 4:30am, hopefully this changes sometimes…. Therefore I had […]

California here I come

Morning was a little bit disappointing today. I give you two reasons: first I woke up at 4:20am (also I thought yesterday it is getting better), second it was cold and completely foggy. This is not the California I expected. On the other hand I enough time to plan my day, yippi … Checked out […]

The official part of the journey

It seems that I am already used to the timezone, I slept till 5am today 🙂  at least half an hour more than yesterday, its getting better 🙂 At 8:20am I went to my car to install my GPS, it worked without any problems. It guided me in 10 minutes to the university of Berkeley, […]

A lazy day for the start

I woke up today at 4:30am, telling me that my body needs time to get used to the new timezone (OK, people knowing me will say I am an early bird anyhow, but 4:30 is early, even for me). It was a cold morning. But what is cold? Here I complain about 10 degree Celsius […]

Me, myself and I – an introduction

As I started blogging today I have to introduce myself to the world. Originally my name is Michi, I am 41 years old and live in Vienna/Austria. My blogname is just the city I was born in (Vienna) and the year I was born (1971). I would describe myself as “close to a digital native”. […]

A day of travelling

Today I have been at three different airports. Starting point Vienna international airport. As you see on the picture, it seems like the photo was taken in the middle of winter (also we had the official start of spring last week …), -4 degree celsius and snowing (yes, the white stuff on the ground is […]

Let’s get started

Based on a request i start my blog today. Why today? You will see soon! Currently i am in vienna, it is a cold morning here, about -4 degree Celsius at a quarter to seven…