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Picture update Vienna

As today is only the second day I survive without strong pain killers after my mistake on the last day in Frisco I am only able to upload the pictures of my last day today. Here we go: Port of San Francisco

Vienna calling (up date Zurich) (second update vienna)

Woke up 6:30 today, started to repack my stuff. Went to the window to smoke a cigarette, had to cough, suddenly it was like a needle pinning me in my back. For a moment I was frozen in the position I was in, unable to move. After some seconds it improved at least that far […]

The day after

Woke up at 5:30 today, my skin on my arms and neck still burning. Used the lotion yesterday 4 times, all the rest that was left today in the morning. Headed around 7:45 for the bus to fisherman’s wharf, had a ticket booked in reno for the early bird tour to Alcatraz (early bird here […]

Take me out to the ballgame or how quick things can change

Slept wonderful in my hotel, I like it. Good value for that price (237$ incl. all taxes and fees for three nights). Looked up something for breakfast, walked to Geary street (about 5-10 minutes till the cafe, was a little bit direction center on the Geary). Had wonderful bacon and eggs, coffee and orange juice […]

Back in San Francisco

Started my tour around 9am, had only to go to sf, according to GPS a 4:45 hour ride (if you avoid toll streets as I do, otherwise it would have been 3:45, but I have time 🙂 ) and including breaks I would be in sf around 3 pm, start of check in time and […]

Can it get worse? Yes, it can …

Woke up after a horrible night at 5:30. Haven’t slept that much, room was too hot also outside it was cold and severe storm, had a headache (maybe because of the altitude?), just turned around the whole night. Stood up, looked out of the window and looked at something I didn’t wanted to see. Obviously […]

2000 miles (and still counting) and lots of obstacles on my way

Started today around 8, drove the main street of lone pile to find something for breakfast (as small as the town was, max. 1000 population, they had a Mac Donalds but i wanted something real). Found a cafeteria (that’s how they called themselves), went in and saw that the had lots if bagels, with whatever […]