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Back in San Francisco

Started my tour around 9am, had only to go to sf, according to GPS a 4:45 hour ride (if you avoid toll streets as I do, otherwise it would have been 3:45, but I have time πŸ™‚ ) and including breaks I would be in sf around 3 pm, start of check in time and avoiding (hopefully) heavy traffic in sf. Took some pictures of reno from above (you know, I stayed on the 17th floor πŸ™‚ ), that’s what I have seen from reno (and a 7-eleven around my hotel where I bought beer yesterday)



Temperature was already hot, +3 degrees. At least it was sunny, so started my journey. First some mountains, temperature went down to -5 degree, yippi. (This was somewhere around lake Tahoe, I was so happy having not seen this lake πŸ™‚ )
But then the road just went down, I was always happy to the signs, altitude 6000 feet, 4000, 3000, 2000. It was getting warmer ( now already +13 degree) and the surrounding looked like that what I remembered having seen long ago in California πŸ™‚ found nothing for breakfast, did early lunch at 11 at a Carly Jr. ( first time there, burger was huge), came closer to sf and enjoyed what I saw.


No snow, strong wind, but around 22 degree, sun and no snow πŸ™‚
Arrived in sf around 3pm with heavy traffic but no real traffic jam, stay now in the oasis inn, 237$ for 3 nights and free parking. Thought first about skipping the rest of the day, but as it was sunny and warm outside decided spontaneous to see the golden gate bridge (according ton the travel guide you should use every opportunity to see golden gate when it is sunny). Google told me to take the bus 10 (here its like in vienna, I immediately switched to public transport), talked with the guy at the reception, told me that the bus is a private one, would charge me around 13$ and I should use 2 muni buses (the official public transport line). Did that, paid 2$, went about wrong once but managed to get there.


First thing on the list nearly finished, wanted to walk over to the other side and take a ferry back. As explained not really prepared… Walked to the other side, not really something I really enjoyed (I have massive fear of height, there was strong wind, the fence only 1,5 meters, I always walked close to the traffic, exactly opposite to all others …), more a thing of willpower. Managed to reach the other side and took some more pictures



On the other side I found neither a ferry nor a bus, so what to do? Walked the whole way also back…. On the other side there was only an advice, for the way back they advised to take a pedestrian path under the bridge and the cars. So meaning you go directly over the water. This was one of the easier decisions to take, took the same way back that I already did before πŸ™‚
On the bridge I found some funny signs:


(On the fence of the bridge, so if you are going to jump and survive they will fine you)


(Sorry, its very small as it was on the other side somewhere in the middle of the bridge, it reads: “changing tires prohibited”, for those who haven’t been there, its a 3 lane highway in each direction with no borders between the two directions and with really heavy traffic…)


(As described above, really heavy traffic…)

Took some more pictures of the bridge after being back on the side where I had originally started from but now from a different spot.


So now I can say mission accomplished, have crossed the bridge two times. Was back at around 6:30pm, took the two buses back (this time without problems), went nearly till union square, bought me now a three day ticket for the buses (22$) and went back to the motel, walking distance around 15 minutes. On the way back stopped for 2 pizza slices (very good, some Arabic people sold them), neighborhood is not the best, lots of homeless hanging around, but I do not really care as I don’t plan to spend the night outside (and also here I have the advantage of being tall and big, normally they will look for other people first, none of them asked me anything, but I have seen other people they tried to talk up…)
Now its 9:30pm, finished my first beer, only problem with the room is that it is nonsmoking, so I have to go outside (meaning into the inside yard of the hotel) what I will do now before I start my second and last beer for today. Looking already forward for tomorrows highlight πŸ™‚Β  but with my sightseeing speed I fear i will have seen everything by tomorrow evening πŸ™‚

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