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A day of extremes

This is the second try for this post, did the whole thing before, saved it as draft and now it is gone…. Woke up around 6:30, it had zero degree in lovely  cedar city. Stared at 8:30, heading the same way back to las Vegas I was coming the day before, fortunatly speed limit was […]

A new time zone and as far east as I will go

Started from las Vegas around 9am, was a little bit surprised that my GPS showed me a driving time of around 4 hours and arrival time 2pm. Thought first something is wrong, discovered then that i will most probably approach a new time zone. Had to do a tank stop again, didn’t want to do […]

The grand canyon from above and inside

WARNING: if you do not like pictures skip today’s post (anyhow I only post few of the pictures I have taken today 🙂 ) Got up at 5:10am, not because I’m an bird but because pickup time for my heli flight to the grand canyon was at 5:50am ( I wanted to do the tour […]

Viva las vegas

Started late today as I had to work in the morning, that’s the downside of having a company tablet… Went from my motel shortly after 9, had only a transit route on the program. Took the shortest (but not the faster) route through mojave national park, endless miles without houses and nearly no cars (for […]

U2 and my trip

Was up early again as they removed the trash in front of my room at 5:30… Was rather fresh in the morning in LA, about 11 degrees. Nonetheless I unpacked for the first time her my shorts, assuming that today will be hot. Left the motel around 8am and had excellent breakfast at a local […]

After a lazy day adrenaline pure

I will keep it short today, not many pictures taken, but tired. It seems I have adjusted to the timezone, woke up after 6 today. And after the lazy day yesterday I had six flags mountain on today’s menue. The ticket was one of the few things I booked online already in vienna. You only […]

LA, been there, done that

Easter morning held a surprise for me, wake up at 6am 🙂  obviously the 11 hour drive exhausted me a little bit. And the day started with rain, but temperature has already increased since Frisco, first day today where I didn’t put on socks. WiFi in my room was that poor that I drove to […]