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Going to a remote island

Day started early again (this is really a trip for early birds), alarm went on at 6, had to take the taxi to the airport at 7. Transfer to the airport was “only” 18.000 pesos, learned at the hotel its cheaper because they do not have to pay parking fees. Arrived at 7:30, dropped my […]

Santiago de Chile

As we were flying to Santiago today we had to get up early again. Bus was scheduled for 6, alarm went on at 5:15, with the time shift it felt even for me like in the middle of the night. We were driven to calama, one hour from San pedro, the next airport. Arrived around […]

San Pedro de Atacama

After the long days off road (especially yesterday) we had off till 3:30. Woke up around 7:30 (one hour time shift and few sleep the day before helps sleeping longer :-)), had breakfast around 8:30, met the German guys and the swiss couple around 10 to have a short walk around San Pedro. Not so […]

Off road in Bolivia day 2, Lagoons, mountains and long time in the jeep

Second day of the off road adventure started quite early. We had to be in the jeep at 5:30, meaning breakfast and loading of the luggage had to be finished till then. Alarm went on at 4:15, reason was also that we were with another group in the salt motel (about 15 additional people) with […]

Offroad in Bolivia day 1, uyuni salt lake

Had excellent breakfast in the hostel, the us guy cooking was great. They had bagels, pancakes, dark bread, like in heaven after 3 weeks only toast. Loaded our luggage on the jeeps and started the tour at 9:30. First stop was after 10 minutes, an train cemetery. Lots of rusty trains in the middle of […]

Working in a silver mine

Night was quite OK, slept till 6, altitude is really no longer a topic (no wonder, I was staying now always above 2000 meters for the last 2 weeks). Daily program started at 9, we were supposed to go back into a mine to see how the miners work nowadays. This time it was 6 […]

The richness of potosi

After the drinking the last night even I sleept till 7. Had breakfast around 8, at 9 we went with the guide on an (optional but free of charge) tour to the cemetery of sucre. Here some of the former bolivian presidents and the rich silver mine owners are buried. Saw afterward the cathedral from […]

Sucre, the former capital of Bolivia

Started at 9:00 from the very busy streets of La Paz, heading for the airport. Arrived there around 9:30, airport is in el alto. Therefore its the highest international airport in the world (4050 meters). One of the german guys had some trouble as airport security detected something in his luggage after check in when […]

The highest capital in the world

The program for today showed either doing a city tour or going on a bike tour. As my back is hurting I refrained from the bike and took the city tour. Started at 8:30 (only 3 of us, the swiss and the two German boys did the bike tour, the German couple wanted to rest), […]

Sun island

Slept excellent today till 6, was raining heavily during night and still, woke up several times but the temperature was OK (cool), fresh air (as we are in the middle of nowhere) and also some humidity (as we are on a lake and what is quite refreshing given that we are on 3900 meters). Used […]