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Going to a remote island

Day started early again (this is really a trip for early birds), alarm went on at 6, had to take the taxi to the airport at 7. Transfer to the airport was “only” 18.000 pesos, learned at the hotel its cheaper because they do not have to pay parking fees. Arrived at 7:30, dropped my luggage off (did already check in the day before at calama airport) and had a cigarette in front of the airport. German couple showed up around 7:50. Told them which row to take for drop off, went through security. There they had big signs telling no liquids and no lighters, had a 2 liter bottle of water in hand, 1 liter in the rucksack, 1 lighter in the rucksack and one in the pocket of my hoodie. Passed security without a problem… Chatted a little bit inside with the Germans till boarding time. Plane took of at 9:15, was half empty, had two seats on the right side for myself, thanks a lot! Flight lasted for 5 hours and 30 minutes, arrived around 12:45 at easter island (again 2 hour timeshift, this time opposite direction, till now I was closing in to vienna time with each new country, starting with 6 hours in Peru, 5 in Bolivia, 4 in Chile and now back to 6). Easter island is really remote, 3600 kilometers from Chilean coast and 4000 from Palau.




Were greeted with lots of flowers as you see 🙂 temperature here is around 26 degree, but humidity is rather high (what a contrast to the completely dry last weeks).
Arrived in my hotel after 10 minutes (also we dropped another couple off first, distances are not that big here), took a shower and had a first walk out to the town. Main street is about 5 minutes from my hotel, saw the first moai directly on the sea.


Walked home, had a short nap and walked back to eat something around 6:30. Had terrible fish for astronomical prices (14.000 pesos, around 20 euros for grilled fish that came raw, had to send it back, on the second try it was OK), came back around 7:45, still no sunset. Sunset was at around 8:15, watched it from my terrace and went to bed quite early at around 9 (but considering the two hour time shift it was already 11 for me)

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