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City of Santiago de Chile and the long way to Vienna

Was up at 7 (also I was up long), had breakfast, packed my bags finally for the trip home and did check out at 8:30 (as checkout time in the hotel was noon but at that time I would be on city tour). Left my luggage in the hotel, at least the told me I […]

The day after – going back to santiago

After the interesting night I woke up at 8. Everything was calm, went to the front desk to ask what had happened. They told me all what happened were 50centimeter waves that showed up on the shoreline. My hotel manager even told me he did not evacuate as hangs roa (the town) is on the […]

A lazy day on an island with a dramatic ending

Was up again at 6 (I am unfortunately an early bird also sunrise is here after 8) and again it was raining. Had the whole day off (only the second time in the last month, the other day was the last day in Cusco). Had extensive breakfast as I planned to skip lunch due to […]

The bird man

Was up at 7, had the morning off as I only had a half days tour in the afternoon. It was raing heavily, had lazy breakfast and did some reading on the terrace (America by tc Boyle). Around 10 rain ended, went to the main street around 12, bought some necessary stuff (water and cigarettes) […]

The secrets of the easter island

Had a long sleep, was nevertheless up at 6 due to the two hour time shift. And the thing here is that sunrise is somewhat after 8, so at 6 its like middle of the night (breakfast also starts from 8). At 9:30 I was scheduled for a full day trip around the island. Bus […]