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The secrets of the easter island

Had a long sleep, was nevertheless up at 6 due to the two hour time shift. And the thing here is that sunrise is somewhat after 8, so at 6 its like middle of the night (breakfast also starts from 8).
At 9:30 I was scheduled for a full day trip around the island. Bus came shortly after that, learned that I was still lucky as I was the second one to be picked up, afterwards we went to around 10 other hotels and all had pick up time 9:30.. (Truly speaking they say on the ticket pickup from 9:30 on….)
We went first to the shore to see some moais laying with their face in the sand. Here we learned that all moais were pulled down, nobody knows why but the first people visiting the island in 1720 have still seen them standing, at the next expedition in 1770 they were already laying in the sand. The moais were erected on graves (atu), always facing inland. They were brought there without eyes, once standing on their final place eyes out of corals were inserted. They should have that much power that if somebody would touch them he would die and they were looking at the village to protect it. Could be a reason why they were pulled down, as the first Europeans came they touched them and didn’t die, instead some of the locals died because they were shot by the Europeans (and therefore maybe the locals didn’t believe in the power of the moais anymore)


Next stop was at a sight where the Japanese restored 15 moais, meaning you could see them standing upright.



As you might notice I played a little bit with the brightness of the camera as it was overcast the whole day and it was not so easy to get good pictures with that light.
Drove further, now we saw the “workshop”, the hill where they craved out the moais. They did it like in Egypt, using harder stones to crave out the softer volcanic basalt stones.




Had lunch afterwards before we went to see the “navel of the world”, a stone said to be brought by the first king and that irritates compas needles (“navel of the world” is a common term on this trip, I already learned that Cusco was the navel of the world according to the Mayas)


Last stop of the trip was the only real sand beach on this island (on all other locations you have either sand beaches 3 by 2 meters or large rocks), again with reerected moais.



Took the opportunity to go swimming (also it was cloudy and very windy we have 26 degree, water is 24 degree). Only 3 out of 19 people in the bus went into the water, I had to do so (who can say he was swimming on easter islands?)
Bus dropped me at my hotel (again first) at around 5:30.
Took a shower and went to town around 6:30, this time eating near the soccer field (excellent burger, reasonable price, will come back here). Found a better (cheaper) supermarket, bought a six pack beer for 4000 (around 6 euros for small cans, that’s already cheap here), went home and had two beers on my terrace before I went to bed (and was happy that I didn’t come home late as it started raining heavily around 8:15)

One comment on “The secrets of the easter island

  1. Am envious, swimming at Easter Island! Lucky you!

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