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Daily routine in Phu Quok

No news about the morning routine, up at 5am, breakfast and then a short swim in the sea. This time to a small fisherboat that was anchoring offshore. Touched the anchor rope and came back (looks far out on the picture, was about 100 m 😀) Even a big cruise ship made it close to […]

First day in Phu Quok

First full day in phu quok started early as always, here I am up now around 5:10am…. Breakfast starts at 6:30, so waited till a quarter to seven and went down. They have a nice Buffett here, with Asian and European breakfast, additionally the do eggs as you like them and pancakes. Went for bacon […]

Last new destination in Vietnam

Woke up after a restless and hot night earlier than the days before around 5am. Today I had to travel last stop on the journey. And every time I am going to travel in the morning I am nervous and up before the alarm. I only had to leave by 7:15 am, nonetheless I […]

Shopping and a hot, lazy day

Another early wake up for a day were nothing special was planned. Truely speaking I overestimated the time for Saigon, 5 full days are to much. Had this time a very nice omelette with pieces of sausage and vegetables with toast, enjoyed it. So had some shopping to do and started already early around 8am […]

Chuchi tunnels

As it was Sunday I received this time a banh mi for breakfast. Was ok also I have eaten better ones already. This time the chuchi tunnels were booked by my host for the morning, so I was picked up quite early, shortly before 8am. For me not a big problem as I am anyhow […]

Saigon City Tour

Went for breakfast after good night sleep, this time it was pho. With time I get used to eat, having for breakfast what we would have for lunch. Wanted to go to the tunnels today, my host didn’t book it (or she send me an email around 10:30pm if I still want to go, at […]

Meeting Noel again

PARENTAL ADVISORY: this post contains pictures of wounds (my own), if you are not capable seeing that stuff skip the post! Had a pleasant sleep and went for breakfast. This time they had fried noodles with a fried (cold) spring roll. As I am already used to the food here it was ok. Thought then […]