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Meeting Noel again

PARENTAL ADVISORY: this post contains pictures of wounds (my own), if you are not capable seeing that stuff skip the post!
Had a pleasant sleep and went for breakfast.

This time they had fried noodles with a fried (cold) spring roll. As I am already used to the food here it was ok. Thought then what to do as I had an appointment for lunch. Decided on a lazy morning, discovered my neighborhood a bit, went for an ATM first (the first one was limited to 1.5 million dong, went further and withdraw the usual 2 millions). On the way back I stopped at a pharmacy. Another thing I didn’t mention till now.

At the beginning of my lucky day I found a strange looking wound (small, blistered like from a burn, long, not itching or hurting) beside my ankle on the left foot. After coming back that day in the evening I found a big wound (but very similar to the first one) under my right knee.

Can’t remember that I touched something with my feet or some other accident. As it was not hurting I decided to watch it. On the airport the next day I had time to Google it. As each wound has 2 small holes beside it it could be a spider bite. It is still not hurting or itching, doesn’t get bigger so i am still just watching it. But tonight obviously the bigger wound was punctured and some liquid is coming out. Therefore I decided to tape it to cover it now.
Bought some tape and covers at the pharmacy, the lady put it on the wound, i received the rest of the box (had to buy 10, with the tape it was around 1,5 euro) and went direction home.

Close to my hostel I sat down for a coffee, went to my rooms afterwards, relaxed and did some necessary hygenic stuff (like shaving, yes, the 2nd week is nearly finished).
Lady from my hostel gave me a printed map of the inner city and so I went around 11:45 am for the hotel of noel.
According to Google maps I would need around 20 minutes, was accurate as always.
Arrived as always early shortly after 12, noel came with his Vietnamese gifriend exactly at meeting time, 12:15.
Went with the two out, girl grabbed a taxi and we drove for about 5 minutes for his selected lunch restaurant, the Pasteur. Seems to be a fancy one especially at time of the day, we had to wait 5 minutes before we were seated.

I ordered rice pancakes (stuffed with pork and shrimp), learned from his friend that you slice it and than wrap it in some green leaves and eat. Very good.

As main dishes I ordered grilled pork and shrimp spring rolls with nooes. Was also very nice.

Said goodbye to the two of them (he invited me to come to the bretagne, I invited him to Vienna) and decided to walk home (could be max. 30 minutes, some interesting sights on the way). First I stopped by accident at the Saigon center, a western style, fancy shopping mall (with all the brands you also get at home, will probably come back to buy some 501 jeans here).
As the whole central place is a big construction site (they are building with Japanese help their first subway station) I had to walk some more meters. Was nearly lost but thanks to my printed map I found my way again and decided to see as a.contrast the ben thanth market. More a big old market hall where they sell everything, from clothes (everything origin obviously) to furniture to food. Was quite different to the Saigon mall…

As the area is the touristic zone I sat down afterwards for a coffee and a big fresh orange juice. Beside that is a crazy area I noticed for the first time that the are charging a 5 percent service charge (as it is not usual to give e tipps in restaurants they obviously found a work around, at least in the major touristic zone)

Went a little deeper into the zone, people were even crazier there, had a small beer (as it was already 4:30pm), had to pay again the service charge and left for home.

Took a quick shower at my hostel, asked for advise on a more local bar nearby and followed the advice. Was directly on the canal, sitting in plastic chairs, only locals and me.

Enjoyed it more than in the touristic zone!!

One comment on “Meeting Noel again

  1. What’s next after Saigon? Have you done the American War museum?

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