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Chuchi tunnels

As it was Sunday I received this time a banh mi for breakfast. Was ok also I have eaten better ones already. This time the chuchi tunnels were booked by my host for the morning, so I was picked up quite early, shortly before 8am. For me not a big problem as I am anyhow up around 6am 😀
Went with my guide to the car, was the first who was picked up, therefore the early departure. Asked him how many we will be this time, he told me 10 people. As I forgot to ask my host what she had booked I could not complain as last time … (she told me afterwards that she booked again for max. 9 people…). Went first over the bridge to pick up the next two (was also interesting as they normally only pick up in district 1, over the bridge is another district).

Back to district 1, picked up the rest of the pack. Interesting group, beside me we had 1 German girl, 2 Swiss boys, 1 Canadian, 1 English, 2 girls from Singapore and a couple from Malaysia. Took nearly till 9am to finish pickup and we were on the road. On the way to the tunnels we stopped after 60 minutes as usual (the whole duration till the tunnels would be 90 minutes), this time it was a factory were victims of the war (disabled people due to agent orange) produce paintings on wood ground with egg and duck shells. Interesting but bought nothing. Continued the journey and arrived at chuchi tunnels around 10:30am. Have seen how they were digging their tunnels and how they lived inside (sometimes the tunnels had up to 3 levels, going as far as 12 meters below the surface). Saw also how they ventilated the system (biggest problem, did it with bamboo poles coming out under roofs to be hidden) and how they have hidden the smoke coming from the downstairs kitchen (ventilated the air through different cooling chambers). Also so the traps they used to make the us soldiers afraid, really cruel!

Then we had the chance to go into in tunnel, 1 m high, 60 cm wide (formerly they were smaller as the Vietnamese are smaller), had an exit after 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100m, I had more then enough after 20 m …

Last station was a shooting range where you could shoot with (us) m16 or (Russian) ak47. Skipped that (especially as they wanted for 10 shoots nearly 25 us$, with the Austrian army I get it for free 😀)
And then it was already over again. Lastest close to two hours and we went back again. So started then dropoff of passengers in the same order they were picked up. As the last people in district 1 were dropped I told the guide he should drop me also close to ben thanth market, from there it’s a 15 min walk home and for sure quicker then waiting to go over the bridge and back again. Wanted first to go to a (real) supermarket as I had to buy some stuff (to be read tomorrow), noticed that I had not enough money for the expected price and walked home instead. Was there around 2 pm, took a shower (as it was incredible hot as always) and a short nap.
Googled first where to eat (as I had that day only breakfast, last days I managed to have lunch and skip dinner as sleeping is much better than), remembered then that my host had sent me some tipps also for eating. Looked up one restaurant close by on the map and went there. The Hoang tam restaurant was nice, nothing to special. Had spring rolls (that you have to roll on your own, ordered with minced meat, was to my mind pork with peanuts) and rice vimecelli with beef, was ok and the price was as always also ok (with two local bears 200.000 dong, around 8 euro).

Strolled a little around in my neighborhood afterwards and was home around 7pm. Had 2 more beer, wrote blog, wanted to go to sleep. After one hour just turning around and feeling hot (the late lunch and the really hot weather, here it is around 9 or 10 pm still 29 degrees) I decided to turn the AC on and try it that way. Worked better, turned it then out again in the night as my kidneys were hurting.

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  1. Even though I am way smaller than you I also left the tunnels after 20m. It’s totally claustrophobic down there.

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