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Shopping and a hot, lazy day

Another early wake up for a day were nothing special was planned. Truely speaking I overestimated the time for Saigon, 5 full days are to much. Had this time a very nice omelette with pieces of sausage and vegetables with toast, enjoyed it.
So had some shopping to do and started already early around 8am as I already knew how hot it becomes in this city later the day.
Nonetheless it was at that time 28 degree, headed for a co-op supermarket. Must admit I had not seen a real supermarket the whole travel, everything is sold here by merchants on the street, be it cigarettes, water, beer or food. Asked my host for advice and she showed me one on the map, roughly 20 minutes by foot.and still in district 1. Walked slowly, after 10 minutes I passed a coffee shop and as the security showed me to come in I followed the suggestion. Had a coffee in the shadow and continued my short walk to the supermarket. I had to bring Vietnamese coffee, a friend who has been to Vietnam twice asked me that favour. She sent me a picture of the coffee beforehand telling me I should by it in hoi an in the market hall, only place where I will get it. Showed the picture already to my host in Hanoi, they told me I can get it everywhere. Just to be sure I asked then my host in hoi an who told me that the coffee is from the biggest coffee brand in Vietnam and I would get it in every bigger supermarket. So true, in the supermarket I showed the picture, the asked me for the sort number (as they had alone 3 only in red …) As she didn’t gave me a number I bought all 3 red and a special silver one, hope she likes at least one of them 😀

Went back home and had to take a shower (it was only around 10am but over 30 degrees already).
Went out again, this time to buy me some souvenir t-shirts (I mostly buy t-shirts on my trips as a souvenir, I use them for sleeping 😀).
Strategy was as slowly as possible, cap and glasses on. Went till the touristic zone, there is then a park before ben thanth market. There I sat down in the shadow under a tree for a short pitstop.

Reached afterwards the market, bought 2 shirts. They wanted 450.000 dong for both, payed 200.000 in the end (around 8 euros, still way over priced as I found out later). Next trick I had is to visit one of the western malls, completely ac and therefore a good place to spend some time. Strolled around, saw a mc Donald’s and decided for a western lunch. Prices here are (relativel) low at mc Donald’s, big Mac menu (large) and Royal with cheese 7 euros. After the cool down I originally wanted to go home, on the way I passed the Saigon mall (like ben thanth, the merchants not so aggressive as there), went in, saw 2 more shirts. Asked for the price, again around 450.000, told them I paid before at ben thanth 140.000 for two, he asked me if it is ok if I pay here the same price. Therefore my first shopping was way over priced. Bought the two and went home for a shower and a short nap.

Went out afterwards in the same direction as in the morning to the supermarket (north) as I haven’t been there before. Sat down at a junction at a coffee shop (I like to watch the crazy driving, bikes and cars go on all sides of the street in different directions, it looks more then chaotic but it works somehow) ordered an ice coffee and as it was so hot I ordered for the first time a blueberry soda. As often, two.orders at the same time from one person is to much for some Vietnamese, got only the soda. Was the most awful drink I every had. Not because of the taste, tasted fine like blueberries but it was so sweet I was unable to drink it (on the bottom of the glass it had nearly 3 cm additional sugar, was served with a spoon to squeeze also the last sugar out, the people in Saigon like it sweet). As a couple behind me ordered beer I noticed that the also offer beer (most coffee shops don’t), so I ordered a tiger. Much better 😆 After the second one I went home to do my checkout with my host as I was leaving early the next day. Had a very nice chat whit here, showed here pictures from vienna (oh, so few people and so few bikes on the street, do you have lots of bikes?), Answered some questions with pictures of snow in Vienna (oh, very hard to drive bike when snow, but we never have snow here). On the other hand, Saigon has currently 11 to 12 million residents, more than 1,5 times the whole population of Austria… Payed my bill and gave her a nice tipp as I was all in all quite happy with my booking, central but still in a silent neighborhood.
Went after up to my room to have a couple of beers on my balcony, did writing my blog and called it (a last) day in Saigon around 10pm.

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