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Last new destination in Vietnam

Woke up after a restless and hot night earlier than the days before around 5am. Today I had to travel to.my last stop on the journey. And every time I am going to travel in the morning I am nervous and up before the alarm. I only had to leave by 7:15 am, nonetheless I was up early around 5am. Unfortunately I have the same problem back home, eg in the last weeks before going to Vietnam I was flying nearly once a week to Innsbruck for one day meetings. Plane starts at 6:40pm, taxi picks me up around 5:20am, alarm is set for 4:30am, I am normally up at 4am… So did the last packing for the day, went down for a coffee around 7am, said goodbye to my host and was picked up by my taxi on time. Way to the airport took only roughly 40 minutes (against the predicted hour). Did a quick check in, also there where lots.of people they were really quick, obviously they are here used to lots of people. I had to fly again with vietjet air, the airline who cancelled my flight last time 20 minutes before departure, and additional reason for me to be nervous. Passed security, had still my 1,5 liter bottle of water with me. As they had no trashcans there I thought give it a try. Put the bottle on the tray for screening, no comment from them and picked it up again after the scan. At least I had something to drink for the flight 😀

Was then inside permanently checking the monitor for possible delays or a cancellation. This time it went smoothly, boarding was 20 minutes late, flight took 40 minutes so we arrived still in time.around 10:30am.
Last stop on the journey was phu quok (ok, not really the last stop as I have to go back to Saigon to catch my flight back, but the last new destination)
Was picked up by my hotel and arrived there 15 minutes later. Room looked nice but found out soon that the WiFi is more then weak. As I had no breakfast I decided for lunch already a quarter to twelfe, fried spring rolls and the other thing was a lot of minced meat with onions, fried basil and herbs with some rice. Was more a Thai dish then Vietnamese but ok.

Went afterwards to see and feel the sea directly. Beach is a 3 minute walk from the hotel, saw the beach, dropped my shoes and put my toes into the ocean. Quite warm water, I like it!

Had a nap afterwards and looked up a nice bar on the beach for watching sunset. Found one, walked there about 15 minutes on the street. On the way I saw lots of restaurants and bars, most of them having their signs also in Russian language, this is the downside here (also in the hotel), it seems to be the Russian quarter on this island (as I do not know the other parts, maybe it’s everywhere like this). Had a beer and enjoyed a really nice sunset on the beach. I also like this a lot 😀

The rest of the day I spent on my balcony, enjoying beer and writing blog.

One comment on “Last new destination in Vietnam

  1. You must have been in the Russian part because at the area where I stayed there were none.

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