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First day in Phu Quok

First full day in phu quok started early as always, here I am up now around 5:10am….
Breakfast starts at 6:30, so waited till a quarter to seven and went down. They have a nice Buffett here, with Asian and European breakfast, additionally the do eggs as you like them and pancakes. Went for bacon and eggs, looked for a bread, saw none. Asked for it. Oh, so sorry, we also noticed no bread, will come in 15 minutes. Went out on the terrace for a coffee and a cigarette, but after I came back they really had bread (or at least toast). Had some pancakes afterwards and went happy back to room. Did some shaving and dressed for the beach. Went there already around 8am, it’s hot here anyhow, why not. Reached the beach after a 3 minute walk, put my stuff on one of the boats that were standing there and went into the ocean. Really nice, a short swim in the morning in tropical waters, that’s something I really like 😀

Came out, let myself dry by the sun and back to the hotel (I am not the kind of guy laying on the beach the whole day, to hot and risk of a sunburn with my light skin at this time of the year to high).
On the way back I bought me some water and a Snickers for a quick lunch.
As I had discovered yesterday evening something nice the plan was now to skip lunch and have dinner instead.
Spend the whe.morning surfing the net on my balcony (currently looking for an emoped, will buy one in spring latest), had my snicker and then a nice nap.
In the afternoon I started reading a book, at 5:30pm I prepared for lunch.
Looked up the best place, highest rated on Google (in my area) was exactly what I had seen the day before.
What I have noticed the day before on my way back from the sunset watching was, that the restaurants turn on grills in front of their entrance and also have the catch of the day displayed. You can choose your fish and is directly grilled. As I mostly eat seafish only at the sea (as i assume there it’s fresh) and like it a lot the perfect place for me.
Looked at the display, saw the prices and had to ask if it is true.

The sign said one piece, I asked if it means a portion of the fish. No, A whole barracuda or.tuna is 149.000, that is roughly 6 euros (and comes with rice and vegetables)
Selected a barracuda as the last time I had it was in Honduras (and liked it a lot).
Went in, ordered as a starter prawn tempura (around 3 euros) and a beer.

Was excellent, stopped.after 4 pieces (2 were left) as.i also had the whole barracuda as.main dish.
Barracuda then was also nice, must admit I liked it more in Honduras as they most probably fished bigger ones, there it was like a huge barracuda steak with no bones, here I had to search for bones.

Was satisfied nonetheless.

Payed in the end together with 2 beer around 11 euros, for me nearly unbelievable (even in Honduras where it was also quit cheap the barracuda was 6 us$)
Went back home and was quite happy after a day with swimming in the sea and eating fresh fish 😀

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  1. You have to tell me all about the planned buy of the emoped.

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