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Daily routine in Phu Quok

No news about the morning routine, up at 5am, breakfast and then a short swim in the sea. This time to a small fisherboat that was anchoring offshore. Touched the anchor rope and came back (looks far out on the picture, was about 100 m πŸ˜€)

Even a big cruise ship made it close to us, seems to be a hotspot!

Spend my day surfing and reading, really relaxing. I found out that morning is the best time for beach (also it’s already quite hot, screenshoot of my weather app was taken after completing back from the beach), later it’s getting cloudy each day, that day we had even a little rain around noon (hard but only 15 minutes).

Before going for my beloved dinner I had to clarify with the reception my check out the day after. As I would go to Saigon quite late (scheduled departure 8:40pm) a late check-out was really deserved. I already asked when I arrived, there I was told I have to pay 50% of the room rate (500.000 or 10 euros) if I check out till 4 pm, afterwards 100% (I was asking to stay till 6). As I anticipated another one oat the reception will tell me something else I gave it a new try. Went there, asked the girl for late check-out. Till when do you need the room? Tell me first whats the price till when. Ok sir, it’s 400.000 till 5pm. Ok, I take it πŸ˜€ after accepting she told me I could have the room even till 5:30pm as they didn’t need it that day. To be one the safe side I let her confirm the thing in written and went for dinner.
Again to Nemo seafood.
This time I ordered as a starter fresh spring rolls (as the fried ones with seafood would have been to heavy). Not the best I had, very thick, doesn’t seem to be there speciality.

As main course I ordered this time tuna, really excellent! Never had a whole tuna in my life, enjoyed it a lot.

Again, with 2 beers I payed around 12 euros..
Afterwards only the usual stuff, drinking beer on the balcony and writing my blog.

One comment on “Daily routine in Phu Quok

  1. Your β€˜tuna’ looks excellent but it must be a tiny baby tuna if even that. This fish is way bigger.

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