Citytour in luang prabang

Had a terrible night, woke up several times cause my back was hurting due to the ride yesterday. Took a pill (just for the nerves, no painkiller) at around 1am, still was up every hour. As I anyhow couldn’t sleep decided to watch the monks calls to alms, everyday at dawn. Went up 5:15am, dressed […]

Riding the minivan again

Another travel day. Had booked a seat in a minivan to luang prabang, further north. Was up for the first time early, 7am, still ok. Had breakfast, packed my stuff and waited for the pickup at 8:45am. Minivan showed up at 9am, was the third passenger (one Arabic couple was already in). Next stop a […]

More caves

Did the second day of booked tours, this time the tuktuk was full with only Europeans, 10 people all in all. First sight was the elephant cave, nothing worth seeing. Not even a real cave, an opening of the mountain with an stalagmite looking like an elephant. Was a five minute stop, of for the […]

Adventures in Vang vieng

Was up again 7:30am, pickup for an action day was scheduled for 10am. Went after breakfast for a real coffee (also they produce coffee beans in Laos my hotel offered nescafe) and waited for pickup. Was early (as always here), as there are not so many tourists around I had a private tour (meaning guide […]

Going by minivan

Woke up 7:30am again, seems to be my new wake up time. Was anyhow more than ok, had a terrible night, woke up around 11pm as some door alarms were ringing (must be the Chinese people coming home). Couldn’t sleep then till 1am as it was very sticky in the room and I discovered that […]

Public holiday in Laos

Today I did a sleeping record, woke up at 7:30am, obviously the jet lag. December the second is a public holiday here. I had to look it up, this is what the web is telling: “This celebrates the 1975 victory of the proletariat over the monarchy with parades, speeches, etc. Lao national and communist hammer […]

First day in Vientiane

Even I didn’t sleep to much the day before ( 6 hours sleep in the plane are not as relaxing as the same time in a real bed) I woke up already at 6:30 am. Went for breakfast, is ok. Lots of Asian dishes and some bread, butter and jam. Additional they have an egg […]