Mekong Delta

Had a short night, arrived at (new) home very late, had an unpleasant sleep and was still up at 6am. Went for breakfast, had eggs with sandwich (staying now in a hostel in Saigon, they only give you two local options to choose from, other was fried rice). Was ok with a coffee. Problem that […]

My unlucky day (but still an interesting one)

Was up early as always, looked out of the window, it was raining… So no problem with leaving hoi an, also I must admit I really felt in love with this little town yesterday. And I had done something for my future luck, what could go wrong….Day started with the usual breakfast, best thing I […]

My lucky day

Woke up even earlier than the days before (around 6am), looked out and to my surprise the rain had stopped (even though the weather app was still telling me it’s raining, in such a case I trust my eyes more then my mobile 😀). Did some refreshment, went for the terrible breakfast (tried this time […]

And the rain goes on

Woke up at sunrise, looked out, rain (sometimes i don’t like it when the weather forecast is right) But it must admit it was not so heavy as yesterday anymore. Had breakfast (don’t like it here, even the coffee is not good, had only a pancake with honey and chocolate and half a cup of […]


Woke up after a good night’s sleep (I think it helped not dining that late, additionally I took an aspirin c before going to sleep as I felt ill) at sunrise (ok, that is not changing). Looked out of the window and saw heavy rain. Asked my mobile for the weather forecast only to learn […]

From Hue to Hoi An

Awoke after an awful night (couldn’t find sleep first, woke up 3 times due to nightmares, feeling quite ill already due to the ac everywhere). It was raining outside, seems the rain period started. Booked at least a hotel for the 3 last days in the morning and headed for breakfast As I was told […]

Imperial City of Hue

First day in Hue started early as always, was up at 6:20am. Checked again hotels (and forwarded them to a Vietnamese helper of mine 😆) and went for breakfast afterwards. Stayed traditional with ham and eggs and some bread with jam afterwards (yes, I will try poh in hue tomorrow for breakfast as a friend […]