Let’s start with the grand circuit

Had a wonderful sleep, in the beginning you here some music (here I sleep without earplugs) as we are a stone trow away from the party zone aka pubstreet. Nonetheless had no problem to fall asleep and slept heavenly. Up around 6pm, walked first out to get again money from the atm (the day before […]

From Laos to heaven on Earth

Was up shortly after 5am, the last horrible night in this hotel. Killed time till 7, went again for vida bakery. Had this time toasted muffin filled with bacon and egg, hush brownie and grilled tomatoes (togheter with black coffee of course). Delicious as always (received a 5 star rating from me on Google, does […]

Wat pho champasak and laos police

Woke up around 5:30am after a not really restful night. One one hand the bed is junk, on the other my USD were gone. Have to add a short spoiler here: currently I’m more than happy, the blog is always a day back, more on this tommorow. Approached reception as told at 7am only to […]

The bolaven plateu and other adventures

Was booked today for a group tour, departing at 8pm two houses from my (poor) hotel. Breakfast was not included here, looked up Google, found the visa bakery 200 meters away. Lovely little cafe in a side street, had croissant (plain, the only other thing they had at 7am was croissant with ham) and a […]

Travelling the (for me) normal way

Was up at 7 cold as ever here Went out to look for an atm and a coffee. Coffee was no problem, the atm again was one. Had to try at least 7 or 8, one even hold my card back with nothing happening, fortunately after a minute he displayed timeout and I got my […]

A lazy day in luang prabang

Woke up around 7 on a the next cold day with 7 degrees. I know I’m complaining a lot about this (given that my morning temperatures are the daily highs back home) but if you have packed for 30+ degrees it becomes an issue. Was out in the icy garden with hoddy again around 8, […]

A cave and a waterfall

Had a wonderful sleep, took a painkiller before going to bed, worked out fine! Was up around 7:15am, outside it was cold as every day here. Today 7 degrees.. had booked a daily tour to the sorounding area, went for a quick coffee in the cold garden and was picked up at 8am from the […]