Going back to vienna

Up on the last day around 6am, had bought an ice coffee and a brownie for breakfast, delicious on the balcony. Thought what to do, first I wanted to go to a museum, decided then to give the shopping on more try. Had read everywhere that they have an outlet center (one village) close by […]

A day in bangkok

Was up in my nice Airbnb appartment around 6:30am, had a shopping day planned. Went out around 8:30, first to Amazon cafe (the chain I never visited in Laos and Cambodia, here it is around the corner and therefore my first choise. :-)). Coffee was ok, went to the cityline to get to the city. […]

Going to an already known city and still new experiences

Last day in Siam reap, was up around 6am, down for breakfast, had eggs Benedict again, again delicious 🙂 as desert I ordered again pain o chocolate, this time I received it 🙂 met seila shortly after seven to say goodbye and handed him a birthday present, received also a present from him. I asked […]

A lazy day in Siam reap

Was up as always shortly before 6, as I had no plans for the day started a little bit slower (meaning I was at breakfast at 6:30 instead of 6 :-)) had now the Khmer mansion breakfast, also nice, but after 5 days it’s more or less different combinations of already known things) Asked if […]

The floating villages of tonte sap and the final temples

Was up as always before 6, had delicious breakfast again, this time special selection breakfast. Again some misunderstanding, wanted to get bacon instead of sausage, he asked me how much, was a little bit confused and told him 2 slices. Received two baguettes 🙂 clarified the miscommunication and received a plate full of bacon within […]

The temples of Angkor

Up around 5:45 pm, another hot day coming up (according to weather forecast 32 degree). First for breakfast at 6, had today American breakfast, didn’t get it completely, I would have had to select the eggs (thought is an assortment of eggs), so received an omelette in the end. Nonetheless delicious as always. Had agreed […]

Ziplining through the jungle

Slept again quite well (have I told you I love it here), woke up nonetheless around 5:45am (ok, I’m going to sleep around 9pm, so no need to wory), went for breakfast at 6, this time my choice was the hungry breakfasy. Delicious as always.Was scheduled for pickup at 7:15am, going to the Angkor zipline […]

Let’s start with the grand circuit

Had a wonderful sleep, in the beginning you here some music (here I sleep without earplugs) as we are a stone trow away from the party zone aka pubstreet. Nonetheless had no problem to fall asleep and slept heavenly. Up around 6pm, walked first out to get again money from the atm (the day before […]

From Laos to heaven on Earth

Was up shortly after 5am, the last horrible night in this hotel. Killed time till 7, went again for vida bakery. Had this time toasted muffin filled with bacon and egg, hush brownie and grilled tomatoes (togheter with black coffee of course). Delicious as always (received a 5 star rating from me on Google, does […]

Wat pho champasak and laos police

Woke up around 5:30am after a not really restful night. One one hand the bed is junk, on the other my USD were gone. Have to add a short spoiler here: currently I’m more than happy, the blog is always a day back, more on this tommorow. Approached reception as told at 7am only to […]